Winning Design by Adrian Furstenburg

Adrian Furstenburg, handbag designer from Johannesburg, South Africa, was chosen as this year’s winner of the GUESS “All about the Logo” design contest.

We spoke with Adrian about his inspiration behind the bag.


How did you come up with the design for your GUESS Handbag?

I love GUESS as a brand, especially the jeans. I used the triangle of the logo as the point of inspiration for my design. I wanted to go in a sporty direction so I used white and blue colors. The two cross-over stripes are meant to mimic the shape of the triangle. I would say it has a sporty vibe with a retro edge to it.

What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion design and why did you decide to focus on handbags specifically?

I’ve always wanted to be in fashion. When I was about 4 years old, I was at my nana’s house and saw a fashion show on television. I knew from that point that was exactly where I wanted to be. So from a very early age, I always wanted to be in a fashion career.

My passion for handbags started when I was in my final year of study. I was studying textile design and we were required to do a practical project. I weaved this beautiful piece of fabric and then I actually had a handbag made out of the fabric I had woven.  This project is where my passion for handbags started.

What is the most important aspect of a well-made handbag?

The most important aspect of a handbag is the handle. It has to fit properly, your stuff has got to be easily accessible, and it has to be strong. I’ve noticed with many of my girlfriends, the handle is usually the first thing they notice on a handbag.

Describe your personal design aesthetic.

The main thing, for me, is that form follows function. You carry your life in your bag, your phone, iPad, keys, cards, and money; these are your essentials.

What you keep in your bag is the reason that the shape of the bag is the most important. After the shape comes the quality and material.

I also think that the inside of a handbag is just as important as the outside.  I submitted designs for the lining of the GUESS handbag because it’s always important to have a beautiful lining design as well.

Where do you find design and style inspiration?

You know, I find inspiration in everything. Because I have a diploma in textile design, textures and shapes are super important. My design aesthetic is basically focused on functionality and after that comes any beauty that covers over it.

What does the GUESS brand represent to you?

Fun, fearless, and sexy. There is a reason I’ve literally been wearing the brand for years. GUESS has a really cool sophistication to it as well, it is really well-designed and well -fitted .

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